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There is a lot to take in within the Houses of Darkness project, so we’ve added a private chat function to guide you through some of the questions at the heart of this project. Let’s Discuss is a great way to explore the themes raised by the artists’ work and it’s completely private so no-one will see your responses unless you choose to share them.

The exploration of perpetrator heritage can be contentious and this project may raise questions in your mind. Let’s Discuss is a place to unpack those ideas and to consider your own responses and perspectives.

You will be able to tailor the conversation to suit your experience and interest, by selecting a theme about one of the camps/exhibitions. Towards the end, you will be offered a creative response as a gift from another visitor and an activity to do yourself to help you reflect on your experiences further.

Let’s Share

Visitors have responded to the project by writing, drawing, taking photos and recording sounds. Many have offered to share their creative reflection with another visitor to prompt an exchange of ideas. Here you can see a gallery of the responses. You can also have a go at one yourself.

Let’s Make

Sometimes it’s easier to work out what you think and feel by doing something creative. If you take part in a conversation through Let’s Discuss, you will be offered an activity that is tailored to you. Or you can choose one for yourself from the selection below.


Let’s Discuss is a private chat function that uses pre-written questions and comments to help you unpack your thoughts and feelings. Your responses are never shared. If you choose to upload anything at the end, it will be checked by real people before it’s published in the gallery.

At the start of the conversation you will be introduced to “Lucy”. She is not a real person. The questions have all been inputted into the functionality of the website in advance. The Let’s Discuss tool does not use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive the conversation.

The responses that you type into the chat will not be seen by anyone except you. Your responses will only be stored on your own device. If you choose to upload a creative activity, your personal information will be stored securely within the Houses of Darkness content management system.

We respect your privacy and have followed GPDR guidelines to make sure that your personal information is safe. You can read our privacy policy to see how we manage your data, including the responses you type into Let’s Discuss.

Approximately 5-10 minutes to complete a conversation, depending how long you spend thinking about your answers and reading any associated articles.

Every creative response will need to be approved by a project moderator before it is published on the website. This will take several days and in busy periods it may take a bit longer before your response is shown on the website.

When you upload a creative response it will be held in a folder for the project moderators to look at. Moderators are real people based at each of the memorial camp centres. They will review every creative response before deciding whether or not to publish it on the creative responses gallery.

If you would like to have your creative response removed from the website, please contact: [email protected]

The content in the Houses of the Darkness project explores difficult subjects that can relate to personal histories as well as collective ones. If you have found any of the material upsetting and would like some support, you can contact a support centre in the country where you live, such as:

Radikalisering og voldelig ekstremisme på internett – Politiet.no

Catholic: 0800 1110222
Evangelic: 0800 1110111

The Netherlands:
Staff at Kamp Westerbork are trained to help so you can contact them directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +31 (0)593 - 592600

Yes, you can change the language in the top right corner of the Home Page. The content of this website is available in English, German, Dutch and Norwegian. 

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