Houses of Darkness

Perpetrator perspectives

Houses of Darkness addresses perpetrator perspectives in contemporary Nazi camp memorials. Artists and a young audience engage in creative explorations of “perpetrator spaces” – the remains of the camp commanders’ homes and offices – at three different European sites: Bergen-Belsen Memorial, Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre, and the Falstad Centre.

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The Artworks

Bergen-BelsenLaunching Feb 2023

Coming soonJakob Ganslmeier + Onias Landveld



Perpetrator PerspectivesJakob Ganslmeier + Simon Stranger



His Name is My NameJongsma + O'Neill


What does it mean to participate in crimes? How do we picture perpetrators? Could a legacy of violence strengthen our democracies? Such questions are pressing in today’s Europe.

Large AP 281835© IWM AP 281835
Falstad inside house
Police Batallion Bremen Westerbork 1942

To provide answers that go beyond a narrow binary of black and white, we need to talk together across nations, backgrounds, and ages. Houses of Darkness puts art and creative activities at the heart of this conversation and encourages the audience and artists to take part in the memorials’ curatorial practices. 

Artistic teams have created three new artworks as a part of the project. Their site-specific installations will be exhibited at the memorial sites from summer 2022. Other audience activities include international summer schools, art workshops, and a closing conference.

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